Food Security and Health

Reducing Pesticide Exposure in your Food & Water. Document prepared by Lynn Markham, Land Use Specialist, UW-Extension Center for Land Use Education

Bountiful Cupboard:

The Factory Farm Map and report from Food & Water Watch.
In five years, total animals on factory farms grew by 5 million, or more than 20 percent. Interactive map charts the concentration of factory farms across US and illustrates the geographic shift in where and how food is raised in the U.S. and allows anyone to quickly search for the highest concentration of animals by region, state and county. (U.S. Department of Agriculture Census data from 1997, 2002 and 2007.)

Federal Policy Advocacy Handbook, by Barrett Ebright in collaboration with Sarah Borron; Community Food Security Coalition. 

Improving Access to Healthy Foods: A Guide for Policy Makers. A publication from Leadership for Healthy Communities.

Natural Resources Defense Council: Safe, Sustainable Food

The Organic Green Revolution: Tim LaSalle, PhD, CEO Rodale Institute, Paul Hepperly, PhD, Director of Research, Rodale Institute Amadou Diop, PhD, Director of International Programs, Rodale Institute

Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What we can do now. President’s Cancer Panel 2008-2009 Annual Report. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institues of Health, National Cancer Institute.

Top Ten Barriers to Local Food Access for Low-Income Individuals ; Local Foods Connection. 

Food Security

Community Food Security Coalition:

Wisconsin Food Security Consortium:


Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources:

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