Feb. 2009. This is a draft of the notes from the Western region conversations during the working session on Friday, January 9, 2009 at the Wisconsin Local Food Summit.

Accomplishments we’re proud of!

· School District support for Farm to School
· Increased Dialogue
· University Support
· Institutional Markets to Local Food

o Hospitals, Schools, etc
· Organizations and Communities discussion about self sufficiency
· Cooperation and willingness to work together and share knowledge
· Green initiative at UWEX
· Emergency food system
· Thriving CSA market
· Cross-cultural connections
· Foodlums
· Young farmer potential
· Mentoring programs
· Youthfulness
· Research Projects

o FF&V
· Awareness
· Farmers Market
· Just Local Food store
· Farm to Community Co-op
· Sacred Heart/River Country
· Farm to School
· Food System Development

o Grass Roots
o Community Support
o University
o Organization Agency

Possible projects

· Nutrition Education

o Community Education
o K-12
· Cross fertilization with the Universities
· More dissemination of information gained from University projects and research
· Asking professors to do the research you need
· Delivery of donated food

o Reverse loop
· Regional food summit
· Learning project?
· Ride share (food)
· Delivery share

o Localdirt.com – GreenLeaf Market place
· Teleconference
· Action group on policy issues
· Sustainability of our systems


· Communication between groups
· Delays in structural change
· Lack of education/awareness (demand)
· Food waste
· Access
· Lack of collaboration
· Imbalance of price needed and price willing to pay
· Inconvenience
· Attitude/behavior/cultural norms
· Worth
· Institutional change that makes local food more accessible
· Difficulty in working with so many different groups

2009 To Do List
· 2/4 workshop @ UWRF on sustainable agriculture
· Faith will contact foodlums
· Tracey will facilitate contact with UW Stout and other Universities