Strategic Planning for the Milwaukee Food Council

Between February and May of 2011, the Milwaukee Food Council held four
large group strategic planning sessions and made significant strides in
developing its strategic plan. Through the course of this planning, four work
groups were formed to advance the discussion between large group MFC

The work groups included:

1. Mission Statement/Vision Statement
The work group proposed options of a revised mission statement,
statement of principles, and organizational description.

2. Organizational Structure
The work group discussed membership and decision making structures
as well as possible structuring options that would include the
implementation of a steering committee responsible for convening
meetings, communications and administrative needs, and outreach.

3. Diversity and Inclusiveness
The work group met to intentionally look at diversity and inclusiveness
within the context of the Milwaukee Food Council and Milwaukee’s food

4. History
The work group chronicled the history of the Milwaukee Food Council by
developing a timeline highlighting the growth and development of the
Milwaukee Food Council.
In addition to the four strategic planning

In addition to the four strategic planning meetings, the Milwaukee Food Council
hosted Digging Deep: Anti-Racist Food Justice Work, an anti-racism
workshop open to all members of the Milwaukee community.
Digging Deep gave the 33 participants an opportunity to examine the
roots and existence of racism personally, culturally, and systemically. They
examined the tools and resources needed to analyze how dimensions of racism
function, identifying ways to work against it. Participants shared in a variety of
individual, small and large group activities.

As a result of the workshop, participants came up with two actionable steps:
1. To stay connected to the group and the group’s journey.
2. To continue discussion around the topic of food justice, specifically in

To read more: WLFNGrantReport_MilwaukeeFoodCouncil.doc