Feb. 2009. This is a draft of the notes from the Southeastern region conversations during the working session on Friday, January 9, 2009 at the Wisconsin Local Food Summit.

Accomplishments we’re proud of!

· Community Gardens
· Collaborations with UW Extension and gardening efforts to address food security
· RSA o Educating and delivery

o Increasing sales for producers
· Culinary School – Braise

o Teaching local food in the kitchen
· Producers

o Expanding markets and resources and knowledge of product
o Number of customers
· Policy changes

o Chicken and beekeeping
· Comprehensive Plan
· Urban food advancement

o Youth curriculum, gardening, cooking, intergeneration activities
· Engaging the medical community in food issues
· Michael Fields Ag Institute, Growing Power, Fondy Food Center, Walnut Way
· Milwaukee Urban Ag Network –MUAN
· Collaborative efforts of many organizations

Who Does what in SE Wisconsin?

· Dave S and Katie

o Community Kitchen, attention given to new space for MFAI on Teutonia in Milwaukee
· Dan

o Food security and emergency food network, connect to local food people
· All

o Post updates and information on wiki site
o Mkeurbanag.org – Need another local food site?
· Katie

o Use Wisconsin Local Food Network site with a tab for SE Wisconsin
· Martha

o Continue policy work
o Send animal ordinance language to Dan in Racine include Katie in Milwaukee Food Council Meetings

2009 To Do List

· Collaborative ideas to create community kitchens to benefit the most people and address the underserved. Kitchen incubator
· Increased communication regarding resources utilizing existing technology (wiki)
· Communicate with Metro Ag group to address land use issues
· Coordinate farmer incubator program in the region.
· Linking regional distribution systems
· Explore limited processing facitity(s)