Feb. 2009. This is a draft of the notes from the Southern region conversations during the working session on Friday, January 9, 2009 at the Wisconsin Local Food Summit.

Accomplishments we’re proud of!

· Americorps Farm to School – local foods in schools

o Fundraiser
· Family farm defenders

o Fair trade domestically
o Flood relief for farmers
· Ag Innovation Center/CIAS

o Food processing innovations, market for seconds
· Michael Fields Ag Institute

o Collaboration of likeminded groups
o Grass roots network
· Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin

o Grant recipients are all faring well
o Local food marketing guide
· REAP Food Group

o Madison/Dane Counties as a whole for collaborations
o Farm Fresh Atlas
o Buy Fresh Buy Local – initiative of farmers and chefs there doing it
· New Faces!

o More people getting involved
· GreenLeaf Market and Local Dirt

o Growers to grocers program
o Consumer based – they seek out local

o Local food distribution project
o Sharing
· Harvest of the Month – tasting in cafeteria
· Broad area, many organizations yet good communication
· AHA moments!
· Collaboration/intersection
· Farming Community

o Wide variety
o Organic Valley
o 90 CSA’s
o farmer’s markets moving forward
· Enthusiasm of young multigenerational farmers, determination
· Sustainable Ag groups even at Land Grant University
· Partner shares
· Wide Variety of local food purveyors

· Help working with nontraditional farming communities-Amish, Mennonite, Hmong

o Culturally sensitive way
o Maybe a primer/factsheet for this, also how to get resources to them
· New farmer training

o Hard to interact with non university related farmers (smaller communities)
o Possible DATCP program – in planning phases support letters from other organizations
· Distribution of local products to places where they don’t have them

o This is a big issue for farm to school/other institutional purchasing
o Allies in food system who are already delivering-collaboration for efficient distribution
· Map of local producers, processors, distributers

o Collaborate on this! Maybe a web based tool to help all information to come together
· Community kitchen

o Madison focused, but reach out to surrounding area
o Maybe out in rural areas/this could double as distribution center
· Already players involved, but more welcome

o Have a meeting of organization that are interested
· Look to porch light for ideas, inspirations
· Mary Pat

o Training

2009 To Do List
· Outreach to smaller communities

o Amish are most receptive and ready
o Technical support/training thru DATCP program
· Distribution

o Meeting next week to discuss this
o Mapping/listing of all resources § Local boards? Food Routes? § More flexibility in transportation now with recession
· Collaboration of growers to eliminate half loads
· Consolidation of information, for their research at CIAS
· Partial load board for Greenleaf
· Community Kitchens

o Planning committee – Greg & Anne
o Contact DATCP food safety – Jill
o Find potential entrepreneurs
o Increase value added thinking amongst producers