Feb. 2009. This is a draft of the notes from the Northeastern region conversations during the working session on Friday, January 9, 2009 at the Wisconsin Local Food Summit.

Accomplishments we’re proud of!

· Fledgling, markets (i.e. Mennonite, Amish)
· Growth and viability of Farmers Markets
· Local Environment Center had big local food even
· Winter Farmers Market · 6th Year of Farm Fresh Atlas
· 5-6 Certified Public Kitchens + 15 more statewide
· Opportunities for developing local food within established food chain
· More small and mid-size local food providers
· Regional group trying to form
· Niagara Escarpment “trail”
· Chamber of Commerce – partnering, culinary, chef events, making impacts creating, leading events
· Tech college and UW system 400K and leadership grant
· N.E.W. North and Sustainability
· Mayoral sustainability task forces – Sheboygan, Green Bay, Neenah, Oshkosh, Sturgeon Bay
· County Planning Department recognition of farmland loss and water quality
· Extension leadership of community gardening/pantries/ethnic
· More government/establishment efforts

o Extension
o Tech College
o UW System
o Chambers
o Planning Department
o Mayors · Growth/support of local food by consumers/public
o Atlas
o Food chains to sell · Producers/processors getting value – added opportunities – support

2009 To Do List

· Fund a “go-to” person (funding, grant writer) for regional local foods collaboration
· Develop a job description

o Val
o Mary Pat
o Joy
· How will we communicate

o E-mail
· Projects

o Outreach to Menominee and Oneida (tractor) (relearning)
o Create a NGO?
o Create access for: Low income, underserved and WIC/SHARE § John § Mary Pat § Dave
· Coordinate – Purpose

o Zinda
o Val