Local Food is about more than just nourishing our bodies – as important as that may be. We’d like to assemble songs and other items of local food culture here. You can have your ideas posted by commenting on this page or by contacting us.  Keep up the hunt for music connected to food, farming, community and their synergy

  • At the 2015 WI Local Food Summit we had a brief technical glitch before a keynote and jokes and songs helped us through.  Here’s a sampling of the jokes:
  1. What is Michelle Obama’s favorite vegetable? (Barack-oli)
  2. How do you recognize a high class vegetable? (They live in raised beds)
  3. What kind of onion is always getting into trouble? (A rascallion.)
  4. How do you turn a duck into a legendary singer? (Put him in the oven until his Bill Withers.)

Thanks Jennica for these!  If you would like to see more, she includes one “garden joke of the month” in the Wisconsin School Garden Initiative e-newsletter.  Sign up for the newsletter from the front page of their website, www.wischoolgardens.org.

  • Sam Bush. That’s my Bag
  • Epicurean Musician. http://epicureanmusician.com/ – this site interviews musical groups about food including favorite restaurants
  • Songs for WLFN – songs sung during the 7th Annual Wisconsin Local Food Summit in Ashland, WI.