Jessica Jane Spayde

Wisconsin Local Food Network
Coordinator since June 2018


About Jessica

Interests / Experience: I am passionate about bringing people together across divides, using research-informed methods for participatory, collaborative action, and increasing social justice in food and agricultural systems. I have taught dozens of university courses on sustainable food systems, social justice, and social science research. I’ve written three sociological theses/dissertations: One about racism, one about environmental attitudes, and another about sustainable food policy. I am a small farmer in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, with pastures and woods currently utilized by chickens and pigs. I love working with the Wisconsin Local Food Network because I get to spend my time actively building more inclusive, resilient, sustainable food systems in Wisconsin! 

Favorite Food: Having grown up in Eastern Tennessee, fried okra has a special place in my heart. It seems to taste better when I grow it and cook it myself. Plus, I get the added benefit of seeing the beautiful okra flowers in my garden!

Random Fact: From about 30 yards away, I got to watch Paul McCartney play several songs to an empty stadium as he performed his soundcheck before the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

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