Join us for a May 6th meeting in Madison!

11:00 am – 1:00 pm, (Zoom option is available), Location TBA

Are you interested in being part of the team to create a NEW Wisconsin food systems event?

We’d like to invite you to our meeting on May 6th, 11am – 1pm, in Madison. Zoom option is available. 

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If you’d like to HOST this May 6th meeting, please let Jessica know. We’ll confirm the meeting location by the end of this week! 

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The Idea:

Because of all the enthusiasm around GOOD FOOD in Wisconsin, we are looking to use the summit to build partnerships across the food system, bring together LOTS of people, and promote sustainable, resilient, equitable, healthy, and profitable food systems development.

We have a VISION for how this could come together, but we want to invite YOU to be part of the team.

The VISION right now is that each partner organization would plan some content in the larger summit and have a person on the “core” planning team.

  • WLFN will provide the “space” (the conference venue, planning, coordination, fundraising) as advised by the core planning team.
  • Then, key partners plan the “tracks” (the sessions geared toward your constituents) or “chunks” of the summit.

Together, we can put on an event that will do more than any of our single organizations could accomplish. We hope to:

  • Attract MORE PEOPLE,
  • INCREASE the VISIBILITY of all our organizations and the great work we’re all doing,
  • Create a space for CROSS-SECTOR visioning and collaboration,
  • BUILD all of our NETWORKS, and
  • Increase our organizations’ political capital to better address FOOD SYSTEMS CHANGE. 

That is the basic idea. As the core team develops, as will the idea. Join us to make this event YOUR EVENT TOO!

See you on May 6th, 11am – 1pm, in Madison!

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Let’s Chat!

We’re happy to chat before the May 6th meeting as well! Just give Jessica a call at 608-520-6222 or email .