MILWUAKEE In partnership with many Milwaukee-based organizations and businesses, the Urban Ecology Centerbrings you Ferment!Milwaukee, Milwaukee’s first fermentation event. Join us, October 3rd, 2015 From 11-3:00pm at the Urban Ecology Center – Riverside Park, 1500 E Park Place, Milwaukee, 53211

This event is FREE!

Humans have been fermenting food and beverages since the ancient times – it is an age-old natural process. The goal of the Ferment!Milwaukee is to introduce people to the interesting world of fermentation or help people learn even more about the culinary and health benefits of fermentation, as well as, the history of fermented beverages. We have a number of great resources in our community from business owners who make and sell delicious fermented foods including chocolate, cheese, bread, sauerkraut, kefir, and more. Additionally, health experts can help to educate people about the health benefits of consuming fermented food and beverages. And lastly, visitors can learn about how they can ferment food and beverages in their own home. At Ferment!Milwaukee people can meet local vendors who create and sell fermented food and beverages, attend workshops on the history and culinary aspects of fermentation, health benefits of fermentation, and how to ferment food and beverages at home. Everyone is welcome – meet the vendors, sample fermented foods and beverages, attend workshops and listen to the music of Gilbert Surf!

VENDORS: Rishi Tea, Slow Pokes, Simple Soyman, Zymbiotics, Indulgence Chocolate, Clock Shadow Creamery, Northern Brewer, Joyful Eats, Rocket Baby Bakery


11:30am:  Fermenting Beverages through History. Joshua Immermann Driscoll, UWM PhD candidate. Starting with the origins of fermented beverages over 9,000 years ago, we will trace its development as a nutritional food source, a method of payment, and a favorite culinary pastime from ancient China all the way to medieval monasteries.

12:00pm. The Cultures of Cheese. Bob Wills, owner, Clock Shadow Creamery/Cedar Grove Cheese. Learn the role of bacterial cheese cultures, yeasts and mold in cheese production and these create the wide variety of cheeses. Additionally, the role territory and geographic variations in cheese will be explored. Lastly, the role of pasteurization and its impact on cheese making will be discussed.

12:30pm. Growing a Culture of Health: how fermented foods and beverages boost your immune system, improve digestion and good health.  Barbara Heinen, CNC from Joyful Eats Discover their crucial role in a healthy digestive system, which is the foundation of a healthy body. Gather ideas and inspiration for incorporating them into all your meals.

1:00pm. The Art and Joy of Making Your Own Beer. James Jordan from Northern Brewer.

1:30pm. The Basics of Home Food Fermentation. Betty Holloway from Nutriphoria, LLC.


Gilbert Surf will be playing music throughout the event.

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Contact: Jamie Ferschinger, Branch Manager – Riverside Park Urban Ecology Center

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