We have had a great first year with our newly created Board! We have accomplished a lot in our first year and are looking forward to bringing on some new board members for some newly created positions! (visit https://wilocalfood.wordpress.com/about/board-of-directors/ to learn more about the current Board)

We have SIX open Board of Director Positions and the current WLFN Board welcomes you to nominate yourself for one of the six open positions. Candidates have until Friday November 29th to nominate themselves.

Complete the online nomination form at the following link: WLFN Candidate Nomination Form for WI Local Food Network Board of Directors

However, if you do not feel that you have the time, please help by forwarding this info to farmers, nutrition specialists, community leaders, local food consumers, etc. that care about creating more sustainable, fair, profitable and healthy food systems. If you have someone in mind that would be a good fit for this Board – please send your suggestion to Shannon Havlik (HavlikS@westerntc.edu) and she will contact the person for you.

Here are the open positions:

Regional representation (learn more about the 9 different regions at https://wilocalfood.wordpress.com/wi-regional-initiatives/map-of-regions-2/)

  • Southeastern
  • Southwestern
  • Northeastern
  • Northwestern

Topic area: (learn more about the 9 topic areas at https://wilocalfood.wordpress.com/wlfn-topic-working-groups/)

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Policy Outreach and Education