Sustainable Food and Ag Systems Associate Degree At Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay

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With this 2 year associate degree program you’ll prepare for careers in sustainable garden & field crop production, livestock operations, & direct food processing, sales and marketing. Explore adding value to your farm products, running a food/farm business, drafting a budget & plan.

The program features include:

 Organic teaching gardens on campus.

 Working internships on local produce & livestock farms.

 Latest tools & equipment in our outdoor lab.

 Field trips and practical class work are emphasized.

 Low student-teacher ratios.

 Financial aid is available.

Lead faculty has over 20 years of experience owning and operating an organic farm and a Master’s Degree in Agronomy from UW-Madison. Our teachers are working in their field.

A sampling of classes includes: Sustainable Ag Issues & Practices ; Cheesemaking and Fermentation; Beekeeping; Livestock; Gardening; Fruits, Nuts & Berries; Poultry; Aquaponics; Aquaculture; Managed Grazing; Soils; Herbs & Health; Food Systems; Specialty Animals; Field Crops; Artisan Meats; Sustainable Ag & Food Businesses; Permaculture; Small Farm Machinery & Equipment

For more information contact, Valerie Dantoin Adamski at 920-498-5568. Or  Or visit our website at  

The total number of credits in this program is 62. Each college credit costs about $140. Credit for previous college coursework is routinely accepted. The associate degree includes general education credits in English and Math. Start out at NWTC and transfer your first two years of credit to a 4 year college. Classes are open to people wishing to take a single course of interest rather than the full line up. Check out the web-page for course descriptions.