In the spirit of WLFN’s mission to engage, connect, and empower, three Regional Quarterly Gatherings were held in 2012, jointly organized with local and regional partner organizations.

This is the beginning of a vibrant tradition celebrating and highlighting the good work happening across and throughout Wisconsin! These “mini-summits” take place on a quarterly basis to help regions and communities make connections and showcase progress.

This year the three Regional Quarterly Gatherings where held at River Falls, Mineral Point and Appleton.

The first of the three took place at UW-River Falls on April 5th, led by Kelly Cain, the second at the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen led by Lorrin Toepper and Rick Terrien, and the last at the Fox Valley Technical College on November 9th led by Fred Depuis.

Dates and locations have not yet been set for 2013. Are you interested in getting the WLFN to help you host a Regional Quarterly Gathering? If so, contact Jane Hansen at

Photos of the Regional Quarterly Gathering in Appleton can be found at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute Facebook Page and photos of the Regional Quarterly Gathering in Mineral Point can be found on the WLFN facebook page (make sure to like us!)