Action Alert from Bridget Holcomb, Associate Policy Director, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

Farmers across Wisconsin have increased sales because of projects funded by Buy Local Buy Wisconsin grants. People who care about buying Wisconsin products now find them at more grocery stores, on more menus, and at more markets, and children eat them in more schools – because of this program.  Despite helping farmers and eaters, these grants are again on the chopping block.  2012 funding for Buy Local Buy Wisconsin grants was eliminated. We cannot allow that to happen in 2013.

Will you please take a moment to contact your State Senator and State Assembly Member and tell them that you care about local foods and want this program funding protected? You can find out who represents you and their contact information here.

Without any grant funding this year, the Buy Local Buy Wisconsin program was able to do a few workshops and other programming. But it was the grants from previous years that:

  • created over 100 jobs
  • brought in more than $2.7 million in new sales
  • created a 5:1 return on investment

We cannot let this program be a budget casualty again. This is the kind of job creating program we need in Wisconsin right now.

Thank you for making a quick call to your Wisconsin Senator and Assembly representative.  If you can take one extra minute, please tell us how the call went!  Email us here.