The Wisconsin Local Food Network

10927-meet-me-at-the-summit-posterThe WLFN is a collection of individuals and organizations (hopefully you) that all share a common vision for Wisconsin: a state that offers communities and businesses a local food system that supports sustainable farms of all sizes, a strong infrastructure for those farms and supporting food business to thrive, and affordable access to healthy locally grown food for ALL Wisconsin residents. If you support this vision and are working toward such a Wisconsin – then you are a part of the Wisconsin Local Food Network.

You may be wondering, “But what does the WLFN do?” We help local food businesses (whether a farm, a processor, a distributor, a restaurant, a farmers market, or a grocery store) thrive!

How does the WLFN do this? Another good question, and the answer is multifaceted.The WLFN is the collection of all the work accomplished by on the ground projects, farms, food businesses, and organizations promoting local foods – By helping you succeed, the Network succeeds.

The WLFN helps organizations succeed by:

  1. Connecting individuals and organizations, producers with buyers, and by providing a conduit for effective communication and collaboration.
  2. Helping raise funds for organizations.
  3. Provide education and training to help organizations build their capacity to create the sustainable equitable food system we envision.
  4. Evaluating and measuring the collective impact of all the various similar efforts, projects, businesses in Wisconsin.
  5. Informing policy that create and benefit the sustainable equitable food system we envision.

Click here to learn more about the WLFN, who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Please get involved and continue to stay informed via this website and WLFN listserve.